Meghan Markle: Here’s a Message from Her Father’s Ex-wife About the Duchess’ New Baby Archie

It was on May 6th that Meghan and Prince Harry announced to the world the joy that animated them as well as the happiness of becoming mom and dad of little Archie. And it seems that this royal baby should bring luck to the Duchess. Indeed, relatives of the royal family said that little Archie could become the baby of the reconciliation between Meghan and his father Thomas Markle.

But noting that Samantha Markle, who had often been cold and less courteous to Meghan suddenly turned into a good fairy, Roslyn Markle, Thomas Markle’s ex-wife, warned the Duchess.

In the columns of the Mirror , she explained that she hoped that Thomas Markle would never hold his grandfather role in the life of his grandson Archie!

Thomas Markle’s ex-wife and Samantha’s mother remembers, for example: ” Since I was not working, Tom’s salary was the only money we had. But he thought his money was his alone. When I asked him for help to feed the children or to buy diapers, he sometimes shouted, ‘Find a fucking job’, then laugh . “


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