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Mom Accidentally Buys ‘Creepy’ Valentines Cards For Kid’s Classmates

When you’ve got kids in elementary school, there are a hundred fundraisers, holidays, and themed parties to keep track of. You’ve gotta make sure they’re looking thoroughly wacky for Crazy Hair Day. You better come up with something good (and totally homemade-looking) for the PTA bake sale. And you definitely can’t forget to order Valentine’s Day cards early — lest your kid be the only one in class without a stack to hand out. It’s admittedly a LOT to keep up with, which is why Abbey Busch was feeling super accomplished when she recently ordered some cute Valentines for her daughter Ella to give her classmates. That is until she did a double-take on what the cards actually said.

    • In her Facebook post on Wednesday, Busch admitted that she couldn’t stop laughing.

      “I’m about to go out of town for a few days,” she explained, “[and] I was just trying to make sure I had everything prepared to leave behind for V-Day.”

      That meant having Valentine’s Day-themed stuff for her kids, including all their class Valentine’s labeled.

  • She thought she had all her ducks in a row because she’d already ordered valentine cards, which had arrived at her home.

    “Last week I found some on Amazon that came with little plastic animals,” she continued, adding that she showed the valentines to her daughter, Ella, who “loved them.”

    “I ordered, they came, she put them together … done,” the mom recalled.

    Well, except for one teeny tiny detail: “I admittedly never sat down to read the captions,” Busch wrote, “until now.”

And when she did sit down to read them? OH boy!

“They are creepy and MAKE NO SENSE,” Busch declared, alongside images of several of the valentine cards — which indeed make no sense.

“See you appear, feel the whole body is overpowered,” read one of them.

“All my life, just to make half of you,” read another.

Say what now?

  • Each one reads like something spit out of a bad online translator — with a few of the words left out.

    “Let’s go together while we are young,” one of the cards said.

    “Love someone. Really no reason. I feel it,” said another.

    • They are, in a word, bizarre.

      Particularly when you consider the fact that kindergartners — and their parents — will be reading these. (And probably scratching their heads over them too.)

    • The thing is, Busch made the discovery just two days before Valentine’s Day, shortly before she had to leave on a business trip.

      According to her post, her daughter had already labeled the backs of each Valentine, made sure each classmate got the “right” animal and was “so excited” to hand them out on Valentine’s Day.

      That put the mom in a pickle: Should she run out and get new Valentine’s Day cards, or grin and bear it, hoping that the kids’ parents don’t complain that their kid got the “creepiest Valentine ever” from her kid?

    • Judging by the response her Facebook post is getting, we’re thinking she went ahead and let Ella hand out the weird valentines.

      So far, her post has been shared well over 3K times and racked up hundreds of comments from amused parents.

      “Aaaaand this is why we don’t use Google translate,” one person wrote.

      “I would’ve written ‘(I’m sorry)’ on all of them in the corner,” another shared.

      “These are hilarious!” commented another person. “Good thing they can’t read!”

      “On the bright side,” someone added, “most of these will be thrown away by Monday. On the downside, you may come back to a teacher conference. Lol. May the odds be ever in your favor!”


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