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Mother-In-Law Asks To Be There When Grandchild Is Being Conceived

We’ve all heard some real whoppers over the years when it comes to pushy mother-in-law stories. But one person’s mother-in-law tale has really taken Reddit by storm, causing jaws to drop all over. In the cringe-worthy post, the anonymous woman shared that her mother-in-law has always been a little overbearing, but it was never anything she couldn’t handle. That is until she asked to be present at the conception of her grandchild. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

The Reddit poster has never really clashed with her MIL before and writes that up until now, their relationship has been pretty normal.

“Up until now her worst offenses were just her treating me like her dress-up doll,” the woman wrote. “She likes to buy me outfits (think Betsey Johnson prom dresses and denim mini skirts) and then suggests I wear said outfit to specific upcoming family events.”

But things really took a turn in September, after the woman and her husband began their journey of trying to conceive.

“My biggest mistake was being so excited, and telling [my husband] that I didn’t mind if [my] MIL knew,” she explained in her post.

Looking back, though, she can’t believe she was ever once so naive.

“How pure I once was to think that would be anywhere NEAR a good idea, I blame my own … saint of a mom for giving me the gullible impression that all moms are normal boundary respecting people like she is,” the woman wrote.

The thing is, the poster’s husband is his mother’s only child, which has created a certain dynamic between them.

“She’s talked about how she’s always wanted to have a daughter after she had [my husband], and he’s never had a serious partner until me,” the poster explained. “She was under the impression that he would be a single bachelor for all of his life and therefore never have grandchildren, so my sweet summer child self thought it would be nice to include her with my girlfriends and close female family members in knowing about my baby plans.”

Apparently, that backfired.

For the last few months, letting her MIL in on the news that she’s trying to have a baby has actually been pretty fun, the woman wrote.

Her mother-in-law would send her fun nursery ideas from Pinterest and text her photos from the baby section at Target from time to time.

“We didn’t really talk much about the meat and potatoes of having a child, just the fluff and surface-level easy exciting material stuff,” the poster continued.

Still, she said she was trying to manage her expectations on how long it would take — especially because she and her husband are trying to conceive via assisted reproduction, and it’s not always a “one and done situation for most women.” She even mentioned this to her mother-in-law once over brunch.

But recently, her mother-in-law has started to get a little too involved with things.

It started when she came over one day and saw the extensive calendar of fertility appointments that the poster and her husband have to attend. She asked her daughter-in-law if she’d want company on any of them, but the poster politely declined.

Before she knew it, though, her mother-in-law was “coincidentally” calling her up to see what she was doing right before her appointments, and asking to tag along.

Then, once she was there, she’d somehow weasel her way into the exam rooms too and had to be politely asked to leave.

Things escalated when the couple underwent an IUI treatment in January and learned that it didn’t take. They were bummed, but not discouraged because they knew the odds of it being successful. Their mother-in-law, on the other hand? When she heard the news, she broke down into “full-body sobs” — which didn’t exactly make the poster feel great about things.

Things really got weird on a recent shopping trip the poster took with her mother-in-law, not long before her second IUI attempt.

After “luring” her into a trip to a furniture store, the mother-in-law “steered the conversation to how we believe in good energy, and how love and positivity make a huge difference in a person’s health and well-being.”

“She then launches into how she would love to gift me her positive and loving support during my IUI procedure since [my husband] isn’t going to be able to be there,” the poster continued. “Y’all. Gift me. She would love to //////GIFT ME////// her prying boundary stomping eyes on my vagina while I’m being impregnated in one of the most uncomfortable ways.”

Oof, that is pretty awkward.

“She then goes on to say that since I only want my mom and [husband] in the delivery room, that it would be nice of me to let her be [a part] of this special moment,” the woman wrote.

That’s right — her “special moment” of being impregnated in a doctor’s office.

Needless to say, this left the poster feeling SUPER weird, and she wasn’t sure how to handle it.

“She didn’t understand how and when I became so ‘cold and distant’ to her, and that she thought I considered her to be a mother figure, that she worked really hard and put in a lot of effort to be that for me, and she didn’t know what changed that,” the woman continued.

But this set her OFF.

“I told her ‘I have a mother figure, one that respects my space, boundaries, and opinions, and you will absolutely never replace that role in my life,’” the poster recalled.

It may come as no surprise that this did not go over well.

“She started crying, called me ungrateful, said I’d regret treating her this way, and left me to find my own way home,” the poster concluded.

  • The whole thing left her stunned — and wondering if she was overreacting to her mother-in-law’s behavior.

    To be fair, her mother-in-law did later apologize. Well, sort of.

    “She’s told [family members] all how sorry and wrong she is for what she said to me, and can hope that I find it in my heart to forgive her,” the poster relayed, “but you guys, I really don’t want to. Not because I’m mad, just because I’m extremely uncomfortable.

    After all, she’s about to welcome a new child into the family, and it doesn’t seem like she wants to cut her mother-in-law off entirely.


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