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“Never Give Up On Your Dreams” 5 Things We Learned from Salma Phillips’ Interview

A few months ago, we spoke to the gorgeous Salma Phillips about her work as a TV Host and film maker. Her LLAinterview is the gift that keeps on giving. Here are 7 inspiring lessons we got from that incredible feature with her:

Be afraid but do it anyway

Salma didn’t really have any experience with television when she started out, but she took the first step anyway, and like they say, the rest is history.

Your talents will get you noticed

Salma’s work as a film maker and television host caught the attention of the BBC, making her the first Nigerian to be featured on BBC Africa. Is that cool or what?

The power of persistence

Starting out as an entrepreneur was challenging for Salma, but she persisted and let that drive her dreams. A good mix of adaptability and good work ethics enabled her to overcome the tough times.

Never give up on your dreams

As a northern woman, Salma perhaps faced more challenges than most, but she advised women like her to keep pushing and never give up on her dreams.

Don’t stop learning

Even though she’s a successful film maker and television host, Salma still gets training on the more technical aspects of her job to stay updated and relevant.


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