Nia Tolbert; Meet the Woman Who Had a Singleton, Twins and Then Triplets

Back in 2018, Nia Tolbert, from Waldorf, Maryland, made waves across the internet when she announced that after already having one singleton baby and a set of twin boys, she was once again pregnant with multiples — but this time, she was pregnant with triplets.

Although she was already an experienced multiples mama, Tolbert said she was “shocked” when a routine ultrasound revealed three bouncing bundles of joy. She may not have been as shocked as her husband, Robert, 31, however, because when she left him a surprise package of three onesies to break the news, the exhausted father literally fainted.

a little girl sitting at a table with a birthday cake: tolbert-triplets© Provided by RockYou Media(; tolbert-tripletsOnce he adjusted to the news, of course, he was excited, as were the soon-to-be big brothers, Shai, then 6, and 2-year-old twins Robert and Alexander. Tolbert revealed that after having the boys, she and Robert hadn’t planned on any more children, so finding out that she was pregnant with triplets was a huge surprise. And according to Tolbert, all six babies were conceived completely naturally.

The surprises continued when all three babies turned out to be girls. All three were welcomed safely into the world at 34 weeks and 5 days old via C-section on January 30, 2018, and each weighed about 4 pounds each. The birth of the identical sisters Zuri and Bailey and fraternal twin Mackenzie — dubbed the “Tolbert Princesses” by Nia — made her a mom to six kids under 6 years old. If that’s not exhausting to think about, I don’t know what is!

Even with so many young kids, however, the Tolberts embraced the chaos and sweetness of their new additions. “The cuteness gets more and more unbearable every day and all the big brothers (and DADDY) are in love,” Nia gushed on Instagram when the triplets were only 1 week old.Tolbert has continued to share life with her family of eight online through her Facebook feed and Instagram account, @totallytolbert, where she updates her 25,000 followers with snippets of their days. Now approaching their second birthday, the triplets are continuing to take the world by storm and are even official movie stars. In an emotional post, Tolbert announced that the triplets will be starring in the movie Harriet, a film about the life of Harriet Tubman that will be released on November 1.

“Every three hour drive to and from set in the middle of the night, bumping @lupefiasco‘s Drogas Wave Album was absolutely worth it,” Tolbert wrote. “The feeling is unmatched in every possible way. I’ve never been more spiritually connected to the earth and to the souls of the African men and women who were stolen and colonized.

“To be there as a mother witnessing my daughters make history alongside such a dynamic group of BLACK PEOPLE. I’ve never been a part of a project this historically rich, this moving, this ‘riveting’ ever before in my life. Today I get to share that with my triplet babes. They did all the hard work smiling and cooing on cue. … Mama was just the driver, feeder, soother, entertainer, diaper changer and sleepless zombie. But I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world.”

From viral stars before they were even born to movie starts before they hit their second birthday — we can only wait and see what these incredible triplets will do next.


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