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Nigerian Actress, Uche Jombo Once Lost A Role Because She Did Not Go “Somewhere” To Meet The Man In Charge

Sexual harassment appear to be uncontrolled in the media and media outlet and this is on the grounds that rewards as far as cash, perceivability and impact are constrained by a couple of influential individuals.

Thankfully, the #MeToo conversation is helping women to be open about their sexual harassment experience and many young women in this industry are sharing how they were sexually harassed by a colleague or boss at some point in their careers, especially when they just started out in the industry.

In an interview with HipTV, Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Uche Jombo, who have spent two decades in the movie industry shared her experience of sexual harassment.

She said;

I have been. Twice actually. During my starting days and I rehearsed for almost two weeks and the guy said ‘come meet me somewhere’ and I said ‘for what?’

The next day I came, I saw someone else was reading my role. I wept from the place to my house. I was hurt.

Five years later, I was big and then a marketer gave me a job that he was producing. First off, he (the guy) had tried to take me out of the job by saying he couldn’t reach me to give me the script. But somehow, he (the marketer) sent someone else to meet me on set and gave me the script and he (the marketer) said this person is producing for me and he (the guy) said he (the guy) couldn’t reach you and I said no, ask him again and if he’s the one producing for you, I won’t be work for you. Then the guy apologised for what he did some years back.

So for me, its your individual strength and what you’re here for.

Watch the video below;


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