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Nigeria’s Bisola Borha of TrendyBE Events Company Says Beyonce’s Business Acumen Intrigues Her

Bisola Borha also known as “The Planner Extraordinaire” is an outstanding Event Planner in Nigeria. She is the Founder of  the Internationally Recognized Event planning Outfit  “TrendyBEEvents company” and “Planner Extraordinaire project” which is aimed at Building the standard and quality of the Event Industry in Africa.

Prior to launching her event company, she worked cumulatively in the Nigerian corporate space for 5 years, first at The Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas ( NLNG ) then, Cotecna Destination Inspection Limited (CDIL). For her contributions to the Event Planning Industry in Nigeria, she has been awarded several awards notably Top Event Planners in Africa in 2016 by the Dubai Tourism Group, Award for Business 2017 by The Future Awards Africa (an Award recognized by Forbes as the most important Award for the Outstanding Young Africans), Event Management Company of the Year 2018 (MAYA Awards).

She has been listed by Leading Ladies Africa as one of 100 Most Inspiring Women in Nigeria, 2017 and one of 100 Most Influential Young Nigerians in 2017. She has also been celebrated as one of the Most Outstanding Women by Vanguard Allure in 2017, voted and recognized as the Top 3 Ace planner Domestic in Africa For Her style by the Awards in Dubai, nominated by ELOY Awards for ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2015 and ‘Female Business Owner of the Year’ 2017.

Event planner extraordinaire, Bisola Borha takes our Lady Boss Questionnaire.

What does Entrepreneurship mean to you?

Entrepreneurship to me means being Self Employed and Empowered ,while focusing on providing solutions to problems in the society.

If you weren’t an entrepreneur, you would be…?

Theatre Artist or Lawyer

If you could have a lunch date with one Lady Boss you admire – who would that be and what would you ask her?

I love so many Lady Bosses but one Lady Boss that stands out to me is Beyoncé.  I love her passion, business acumen, her drive , her glow, her sense of style and humanitarian ventures. I also love that she has been able to keep her home and reputation together while still remaining at the top of her career and staying very relevant decades after decades. Beyoncé really is dope

If I could get a chance to go on a lunch date with her, I’ll ask her to share the sacrifices she has had to make to achieve it all .

3 books recommendations for entrepreneurs?

The Bible

The Secret by Rhonda Bryne

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg

The social media platform that has helped your business the most is?

Definitely Instagram. Instagram helps me express myself through visuals ,which I have in turn been able to use to attract those who appreciate my work& work ethics and for that I am totally grateful.


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