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Nigeria’s Mart Obono: An Indignation Over The Unlawful Arrest Of Over 70 Women In Abuja

Nigerians are speaking up following the story of 70 women arrested by the Abuja police, according to Mart Obono.

Mart Obono who is a lawyer explained that these women were arrested on the count of clubbing and in some instance, prostitution. Sadly, some of them have been assaulted with injuries in their vaginas by the same policemen who arrested them.

“One of the ladies arrested has a 2month old baby. She wasn’t allowed to breastfeed her baby by CRO in charge on duty despite continuous plea amidst tears. It took the intervention of a female police officer who called the DPO to overrule the decision of the inspector at the time. The joint task force that arrested some of these girls have been allegedly molesting and assaulting them. Some even showed the bruises and bleeding in their vaginas,” his tweets partly read.

Meanwhile, Nollywood producer, Dorothy Njemanze, who is also an activist, confirmed the story of Mart Obono, noting that some of the policemen forcefully used pure water sachets as condom.

Dorothy, who went with her team to see some of the girls as they were arraigned before a mobile court, said the girls were asked to pay a fine of N5, 000 or have sex with the policemen.

“Some more females abducted over the weekend are about to be prosecuted at old parade ground, Area 10 right now. Those ones were called ‘stubborn’ . They are however preparing to plead guilty because they say they have been told they will be remanded for six months if they don’t”.


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