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No Good Will Come To Kenya If She Keeps Tearing Other Women Down

Why are some women so keen on tearing another woman down, particularly on the basis of looks or who can have whose man? Case and point, Kenya. Now, we know this is a reality show and people do the most when cameras are on them, but a lot of us have dealt with this mean girl behavior. Sadly, some people never grow out of it and Kenya falls under that category.

Last night on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Eva, Cynthia, Tanya, and Kenya met up for a toxic brunch. Kenya tried to pull the victim card again when she confronted Tanya about blowing up her spot about wearing wigs. Again, we—aka anyone who knows black hair—all knew that Kenya was bs’ing about not wearing wigs. It has always been highly plausible that she wore wigs and pieces to protect her hair. A lot of women with a naturally healthy hairdo to keep their hair protected. We also know that Kenya is a hypocrite so at this brunch she came down on Tanya hard. She had the nerve to accuse Tanya of trying to mess up her business by blowing up the fact that she was wearing a wig—as if she didn’t ruin Marlo’s hair care event. Anyway, Tanya was trying to give Kenya a taste of her own medicine for stirring up that drama about the Cookie Lady allegedly flirting with her man. Tanya, the nicest most least likely person to go off in the group—played softball. Kenya could have just spun that wig situation into protective styling (which she did later) and kept it moving.

But instead, she called herself retaliating by inviting the “Cookie Lady” to their brunch. This woman shows up late but when she gets there, she goes into the details we already know, but kinda sorta. She changed her story. She initially said that she and Paul exchanged phone numbers. Here she said he followed her to the bathroom to get her attention and that the started chatting and that he told her he was single, but nothing went anywhere because they lost interest in each other.  Whet?

……I’m still mad bcuz why was the cookie lady insistent on Tanya being destroyed by this alleged run-in with Paul? Why would she want a woman she doesn’t even know to be hurt? If nothing came from it, why girl? #RHOA

What kind of juvenile ish is that to say? Why are women in this age still trying to hold looks over each other? Seriously?

Tanya is gorgeous too. And what? That could have been any woman in a relationship, whether she was considered attractive or not. Hell, Jay Z cheated on Beyonce, one of the most beautiful women in the world, but I digress.

Was there some shady behavior coming from Tanya’s man? Yes. If he said he was single then that’s a flat out lie and that’s not cool. But it seems like this got blown out of proportion. Tanya kept it classy and she still believes her man. It is what it is, and that’s on her to deal with.

This is usually always going to be the case. Woman gets shady info and still continues on with her man, especially if that info came from people who aren’t actually her friends or if there’s just not enough proof that anything terrible actually happened. People have different thresholds for what they put up with and Tanya obviously doesn’t care. Meanwhile, Kenya’s own home situation is a mess and the karma still keeps piling on.

So again, why do women still go this far to tear other women down?

It’s tired and really needs to stop.


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