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“Overcoming Domestic Violence Made Me The Strong Woman That I Am Today,” Jasmine Remi-Ilori

Jasmine Remi-Ilori shared her domestic violence story in an interview with GLAMSQUAD Magazine, she started getting messages from people who have gone through and are going through the same. So she posted a video on her Instagram page telling why it is important to leave such toxic environment.

Jasmine is a UK-based rapper. She revealed that she watched her mum suffer domestic violence; unfortunately, Jasmine went through the same thing when she was a little younger and stupidly in love.

Telling GLAMSQUAD on why her songs are about breakups and playboys, she said

…. most of my songs are due to my experiences and I have experienced quite a lot during my 24 years. I have watched my mother suffer domestic violence and unfortunately I have been a victim of domestic violence too. It’s not a topic I like to talk about or dwell on as I hate talking about the past as I have already overcome it but I do understand that bringing light to a situation like this will help a lot of people as i know there are a lot of victims of domestic violence.

This happened to me when i was a little younger and stupidly in love. At first i used to think him hitting me was just him lashing out due to mistakes I was making but then it became a regular thing to a point where i was being hit for the smallest reasons and in places which could have led to me dying or being seriously injured.

At the time, i honestly believed that it was okay to stay in this sort of situation and every time he apologized i accepted because of the love I thought i had for him at the time. Now on top of the beating there was infidelity and one day i finally snapped and realized this was not a safe situation for me and if i did not leave, it may not be the best ending for me, so i left and never ever looked backed.

Now i can proudly say that I am a survivor as I overcame it and it made me the strong female that I am today and it taught me a lot of lessons. It’s not okay to be a victim of domestic violence and allow someone to beat you in the name of love. I know that I allowed myself to be a victim due to a lack of love for myself but I learnt to love myself and I can say now that I could never allow myself to be a victim of any sort of abuse.

Speaking through her Instagram page she said,

Domestic violence awareness is soo important! You have no idea who is a victim or who is suffering from it right now. Overcoming domestic violence made me the strong woman that I am today & I just wanna share my message as a survivor in order to reach somebody who is going through it & encourage them to be strong & leave !

When I was going through my own situation, I was scared and ashamed, I couldn’t tell anyone. I couldn’t tell my parents, even my friends. I kept thinking, am I gonna tell them that I’m being beaten but I’m staying. It’s stupid and that was the biggest mistake I made because if I told someone, I would never have stayed in this situation for as long as I did.

And the second mistake was allowing the excuses. Every time I was being beaten, I’d say to myself, its my fault. It was not my fault and it is not your fault. If you’re in a situation where you are a victim of domestic violence. Please, I am begging you, leave the situation. He is not for you.


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