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Pregnant Waitress Receives A Gift Of A Lifetime From An Anonymous Customer

Her day started much like any other, although, this particular waitress had no idea that her regular workday would soon become one which would define her entire life. This is the story of young Courtney and her life-changing chance encounter with a customer.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves and start divulging it all, we want to give you some back story. Courtney was a young waitress who was pregnant and was planning on being a single mother. Even with life’s unexpected twists and turns, her usual upbeat demeanor always brought a smile to her customer’s faces but one eventful shift turned everything around and ended with this waitress broken down in tears.

A Trying Time

This particular day was slightly more difficult than most, the pregnant waitress had reached her third trimester of pregnancy and she was starting to feel overwhelmed with her situation.

It’s no secret that pregnancy hosts a world of relevant complaints, from backache to swollen feet and feeling generally uncomfortable. However, this did not keep her from waiting tables and serving customers with a smile on her face.

A Note That Changed Everything

While collecting one particular bill, she waddled over to the table and proceeded with her daily duties. However, the unknown policeman that she had served had already left the diner.

She assumed that this meant that she would not be receiving a tip but when she opened the bill, she noticed a small handwritten remark that sent her running straight to her manager. She felt unable to hold in the tears.

Working Hard

Courtney Cadigan was in her third trimester of pregnancy, she was eight months pregnant with her first child and knew she needed to work hard in order to save for the baby’s arrival.

As a result, she made the effort of picking up extra shifts where possible at the Lamp Post Diner. Courtney was planning ahead to make sure she would be financially ready for the birth of her first child.

Saving Every Cent

She knew she would have to plan ahead to afford all the things her baby would need and with that, she made the effort of saving every cent, rather than treating herself to the things she wanted.

We all know how expensive children can be, and this young mom-to-be was doing her best to get ahead. Waitressing is by no means a simple job. Being on your feet all day and dealing with customers is a job not many can handle. Not to mention the low pay and long hours…

Strange Unknown Customer

Like most diner’s, The Lamp Post Diner had several regular customers and many of them were servicemen who would stop by for a quick meal before returning to their posts. This meant that Courtney was no stranger to serving police officers.

On this particular though, a fresh-faced policeman walked into the diner, one Courtney had never served before. The policeman enjoyed his meal and everything seemed pretty regular. He finished his meal and left the diner without a word.

Shocking Surprise

As you all have already guessed, this encounter was anything but regular. When Courtney went to clean up the table and collect the bill, she realized that the police officer had left her a note.

Receiving a thank you from a kind customer was unusual but not shocking, Courtney assumed that the note was stating just that but she was instantly taken aback as she had never before received such a comment from a customer.

Emotions Rise

With her due date nearing, Courtney’s emotions were already racing and it was no comfort that the relationship between herself and the father of her unborn child had ended abruptly.

Courtney would have to make ends meet and do the best for her child without anyone to lean on. This was constantly a concern for the young waitress. When the unknown cop sat down, she treated him as she did any regular customer and that is why it was so unexpected when she saw that note.

Unusual Customer

As with most of her customers, Courtney made the effort to spark polite conversation with the officer when handing him a menu. However, it seemed he was in no mood for a chat, which made the encounter rather awkward for Courtney.

No Time For Polite Conversation

Even though she knew she had never served this policeman before, Courtney tried to study his face whilst taking his order as something felt somewhat out of place. Perhaps it was his unwillingness to chat or show any emotion that made her feel so uncomfortable…

Absent Father

Despite the fact that Courtney’s personal life was anything other than what she deserved, she refused to let her worries get her down. So, she kept a smile on her face while waiting on the unknown officer’s order.

Courtney was struggling to make amends with the father of her child; even though she made the effort, she had not heard from him for quite some time. This was simply another concern constantly weighing on the young mom-to-be.

Can’t Place The Strange Man

Courtney considered the small possibility that the unknown cop might be some sort of a nasty trick courtesy of her unkind ex. However, she was not going to let her unnerving fears get the best of her.

While Courtney did her best to make the unknown customer feel as comfortable as possible, his unwillingness to partake in any conversation was making her rather uncomfortable. No matter how hard she tried, the officer would only give an awkward smile in response.

Simple Meal

The officer finally ordered a rather simple meal, a glass of water and a salad. Even though Courtney was understandably relieved that the awkward encounter was now over, she was certain that the officer was keeping a close eye on her.

As soon as Courtney returned from the kitchen after placing the order for a salad, she noticed that the diner had quickly filled up with customers. There was a couple seated in the booth near the policeman and she would have to rush to serve them.

Conversation Starter

The couple quickly noticed that Courtney was pregnant and immediately started asking questions. While Courtney was quite used to customers that seemed to feel concern for her condition, she always made the effort of reassuring them she was fine and that she was saving up to enjoy maternity leave soon.

Courtney enjoyed the conversation with the couple as they congratulated her on her first child and wished her well before she placed their orders. Even with all this, she felt the police officers’ eyes on her.

Listening In

She was already on high alert regarding the strange officer and so, she thought he may be listening in as he seemed to be watching her closely. Determined not to let anything keep her from her duties, she ignored her concerns and carried on.

The strange officer seemed to be in quite a hurry. Perhaps he needed to get back to his duties as he ate his salad quite fast and requested the check from Courtney. The check came to a total of $9.00.

The Diner Gets Even Busier

The Lamp Post Diner was filling up with more and more customers. Courtney hurried to get the check for the officer so that she could continue waiting tables. By the time she returned to collect the bill, the officer was already on his way out.

Courtney opened the check assuming it would be like most others she collected. However, there was a special remark inside written by the officer. The message on the bill was enough to make Courtney’s eyes fill up with tears.

Baffled At First

Courtney was instantly uncertain as to why the officer would leave such a remark. Her instincts made her feel like this new customer was unhappy with her service but his note conveyed rather different feelings.

After scanning the bill Courtney noticed that the remark was actually an extremely kind gesture. The officer has written: “Enjoy ur 1st. You will never forget it.” She realized the unknown officer must have overheard her conversation with the couple earlier.

Generous Tip

Courtney then noticed the extremely generous tip that the officer had left for her. The size of the tip was much larger than any amount she had made before in a day; even if combining all her tips.

The generosity brought tears to her eyes and she immediately ran to the back of the diner to tell her manager. Upon realizing just how kind the strange officer was, Courtney could not help but feel emotions take over. When she ran into the back of the diner, her manager immediately thought something was very wrong. Luckily, Courtney’s tears were that of sheer joy.

Possibly An Error

Even though Courtney was overjoyed at the generous tip and the extremely kind remark left for her on the bill, she wondered if the tip was possibly a mistake. Perhaps the officer had only meant to leave a $10.00 rather than a large $100.00 tip! Although, it was quickly concluded that the large tip was intentional and no mistake.

Complete Stranger

The new customer left the diner so quickly that Courtney was unable to show him how much she appreciated his remark and his large generous tip! She felt overwhelmed as no one had ever shown her such kindness for absolutely no reason.

Even though she had heard stories of generous people helping others simply out of the goodness of their heart, it previously seemed entirely unlikely that she would ever cross paths with a kind stranger.


“It’s truly a blessing to come across people like him and I’m forever thankful for that,” Courtney told the Gloucester Township Post. She was hoping to get the chance to thank the police officer in person, although she was uncertain if it would be possible.


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