Profiling Nigeria’s Maureen Bello-Iyasele, Founder of JobMag Centre

Maureen Bello Iyasele is the Editor-in-Chief Jobmag Publication and Founder of the JobMag Centre, Yaba, Lagos. Jobmag is a walk-in job centre where job-seekers can walk in from the streets, and at little or no cost, get the help they require to find jobs.

A 21st century compliant and contemporary Youth Development Centre strongly focused on ‘BUILDING CAPACITY’ and instilling the ‘CAN-DO’ spirit in the Nigerian Youth by understanding and proffering solutions to the issues that inhibit the Nigerian Youth from realizing his or her personal and professional goals.

The centre helps young people find jobs by training them in skills, such as computer literacy and social media, coupled with career counselling, and matching them with recruiters and job postings.

Presently, she works with over 30 staff, and over 5,000 young Nigerians have come in contact with Maureen’s organisation. Maureen is currently working on launching the “SME Upturn Place” a project dedicated to help African startups grow.

Maureen Iyasele is One of the finest female voices in youth employability skills development and empowerment. After a 5 year excellent run in the oil and gas industry as Lead Design Engineer leading a team of seasoned engineers and oil prospecting experts to execute numerous multi-billion dollar projects, and out of the need to contribute her quota to the alleviation of the unemployment epidemic ravaging the Nigerian economic sphere, she resigned from Exxon Mobil to found The JobMag.

Maureen is a highly sort after conference speaker and an amazing visionary.


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