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Rihanna Has Been Living in London Low-key for Years and Fans Had No Idea

Rihanna has been a resident of London for two years, and to the shock of many, hardly anyone knew.

Recently during a rare, extended interview with the New York Times Style Magazine, Rihanna revealed that she’s traded places, swapping out her primary residency in the U.S., for the U.K.

During her talk with the Times, the 31-year-old singer explained that the move to London was initially a business move, citing that she wanted to be closer to her Fenty beauty team. As it currently stands, the company is based primarily in Paris and Italy, where the products are manufactured.

Rihanna was recently recognized as the first Black woman in charge of a major luxury house in Paris, something she didn’t even know until Fenty Corp.’s junior creative director, Jahleel Weaver, pointed out to her.

While it’s no surprise that the music and makeup mogul is focusing more on her beauty brand than her music these days, what did shock fans was how the mega star has managed to maintain a low-profile throughout the years.

During her interview, the “Work” singer revealed that what she most enjoys about living across the pond, is her ability to go “walking around the block.”

“When I go walking, I try to keep it a little incognito,” the singer added.

The Daily Mail recently reported the details of the mansion that Rihanna has been residing in the past year, and paying an estimated $20,000 a week for the seven-bedroom London abode.



‘The house has everything Rihanna needs. It has seven bedrooms for her team. It’s in a very exclusive area with some very wealthy neighbours so she can come and go as she pleases and nobody really takes any notice,’ a source told MailOnline.


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