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Nigerian: Sekinat Quadri Started Boxing When She Was 5. Now She’s 7 and Her Aspirations Are Growing Bigger

Gone are the days when sexual orientation used to manage what an individual ought to do. Lately, the two people are communicating openly in the vocation they want to do. Along these lines, we aren’t exactly amazed with this 7-year old young lady, who tries to be a boxer.

In her talk with BBC Yoruba, Sekinat Quadri said she began boxing when she was 5. Presently she’s 7, her desires are becoming greater.

She said,

When I first told my mum that I wanted to be a boxer, my mum said, no, that I am a girl but my dad asked me to go ahead. My name is Sekinat Quadri. I am a boxer and I started boxing when I was five years old.

I aspire to be Nigerian champion like Mohammed Alli, Laila Alli, Mike Tyson, Anthony Joshua and Classera Shields.

Whenever my friends want to fight me in school, I refuse, telling them I only fight in the ring.


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