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Serena Williams Comes Up with Unusual Way to Stay Competition-ready Amid Quarantine

How does a professional tennis player stay in shape when courts are closed and social distancing guidelines mandate staying at least six feet apart? Naturally, these rules would require such an athlete to get creative — and, well, that’s exactly what Serena Williams has done.

On April 30, Williams uploaded a video to her Instagram showcasing how she’s staying performance-ready. In the video, the Grand Slam winner can be seen partaking in an intense match — against herself.

“Incredible rally and practice match. Powered by beats @beatbydre. Written, directed, produced, and starring @serenawilliams,” she jokes in the caption.


Williams’ video is a cinematographic masterpiece. Not only does she play like she’s at Wimbledon, but she even wears different outfits to indicate that she is “playing” against herself.

In the comments, fans joked about the brutal match-up.

“If I was Serena Williams, I wouldn’t want to play Serena Williams. HELL NO,” one person said.

“I’m just glad Serena won!” another user joked.

Even fellow athletes alike applauded Williams for her creativity.

“Hhahahah that dive was everything,” professional tennis player Frances Tiafoe wrote.

“Nice form,” German tennis star Alexander Zverev added.



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