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Tamron Hall & Son Moses Are Adorable On The March Cover Of Parents

What a difference a year (even two or three) can make!

This phrase couldn’t be any truer for Tamron Hall. When the veteran journalist walked away from NBC in 2017 unsure of what her future would hold only to reemerge in 2019 with a new talk show and a pregnancy…all at the age of 48!

Now the Texas-native and her baby boy Moses are all smiles on the cover of the March issue of Parents Magazine. The amazing working mama is rocking a pretty floral long-sleeved mini dress with her signature cropped hair and a white Mary Jane heel, while her 10-month old son is perfect in a white onesie.

In her candid interview, the talk show host talks the first season of The Tamron Hall Show, juggling motherhood with her career and why she keeps her marriage private.

Tamron who married music executive, Steven Greener, in a private ceremony last year, admits that their differences opened them up to attacks and she would rather keep her husband away from that negativity.

“As an interracial, interfaith couple, we knew the world would throw darts,” she told writer Erin Bried.

But Tamron did share that she’s learning to say no and split the household labor better.

“I recently said to my husband, ‘Do you think those paper towels just magically appear?’ I have this ‘I can handle it all’ attitude, but I’m trying to stop,” says Hall, 49.

“Not as a punishment to Steven, but as a lesson to myself,” she explains. “I have a partner and should pass off some of the household management.”

There’s so much to appreciate about this interview, but what I really love is how to open Tamron is about having a nanny, understanding the privilege in that and not apologizing for loving to work and maintain a career.

Hall says Moses is smiling and laughing with the couple’s live-in nanny “six out of seven days” of the week when he wakes up, but there are times when he’s not happy and it ain’t easy on the new mom.

“One morning he started crying, and I was like, ‘Oh, no! You have a whole tear!’ My mom was with us and laughed,” she recalls. ” ‘Tamron, get over it!’ she said. ‘Babies cry!’“

In terms of the backlash she’s gotten for going back to work after giving birth, Tamron says that’s mostly from people who have internalized being mom-shamed in the past and “pass” it on to others.

“It’s toxic. If you own your own space, then you don’t have to worry about mine,” she says, adding later,  “I also love my job,” she points out, noting, “I mean if I hit the Powerball, would they hear from me again? Probably not. But I try not to focus on the leaving part too much. I just give Moses a kiss and go.”

Tamron also opens up about the pressure for her show to be successful.

“When I arrive at the studio, I go straight into hair and makeup. With my work, I feel a huge responsibility to the people around me because if I win, everyone wins. Everyone’s future, including my baby’s, is linked to mine. It’s a lot of pressure! I used to be anxious about the enormity of it all. Before my first day, I fantasized about packing up my baby and husband and jetting off to Mexico to sell T-shirts. But I don’t think about it anymore on a day-to-day basis,” she said.

Yet in all that, she makes sure to race home by 3:00 pm to give Moses his night bottle.

“We try to start the second show promptly because afterward, I need to prep for the rest of the week. After that, I’ll race home, hoping to give Moses his three o’clock bottle. Then I’ll take a short nap, play with him, feed him his 5:30 meal, lay out his PJs, get ready for the night, go to the event, and have dinner. Then I’ll live to fight another day.”

We love it!


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