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Teens Face Charges Following Viral TikTok Video: ‘It’s 2020 And We Are Still Having Issues With This?’

Two Florida high school students are facing criminal charges after they were caught tripping a classmate in a TikTok video, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

The video, which could not be confirmed by In The Know, reportedly shows three Seabreeze High School students hanging around in a hallway. The two girls on the outside jump in accordance with the video’s music. When the girl in the middle later does the same, the two other girls allegedly stick their feet out to trip her, causing her to fall.

The clip immediately sparked uproar and was brought to a school resource officer’s attention on Jan. 31, the News-Journal notes. It also led at least one person to create a petition on According to the petition’s description of the footage, the victim was Black and had special needs while the other two girls were white. The victim also purportedly broke her nose following the episode.

“For people to think that it’s okay to hurt another person due to their race is disgusting,” the petition’s creator wrote. “For people to think it’s okay to hurt another person AT ALL is disgusting. It’s 2020 and we are still having issues with this? Do people really think that hurting another person will make them famous?”

The petition has since received over 44,000 signatures.

A statement from the Daytona Police Department acknowledged the incident but stopped short of confirming details mentioned in the petition.

“Much of what has been put out on social media regarding this matter is factually incorrect,” the department’s statement read.

Law enforcement said that the victim’s parents originally didn’t want to press charges and asked school administrators to take action. The parents, however, changed their minds as the investigation went on.


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