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The Deep and Mysterious Story of “Mami Wata”, the Goddess of the African Sea

“Mami Wata”, the famous name of a sea goddess of African descent, has taken root in the stories of black spirituality, in Africa and abroad, but very few people know the history of this goddess.

“Mami Wata” is widely regarded by many Africans as one of the most powerful deities in the world.

Although it is considered one of the symbols of traditional African religions, it is very common to see Christians and Muslims who worship it.

This half-fish half-human female creature of water is highly respected, feared and revered presenting a balance between dark, divine, mysterious and angelic existence. The story of this goddess is very interesting.

Although considered an adaptation of the Western Siren, “Mami Wata” is a deity that has existed in Africa since the dawn of time.

It goes back to the first African societies, according to the story of griots and guardians of history. The myth of Dogon creation tells the story of “Mami Wata” and traces its existence to more than 4000 years.

Mesopotamian myths also speak of the great goddess of water in their creative history known as “Mami Aruru”, which means “creator of life”.

The name “Mami Wata” goes back to the first languages ​​of many modern African societies today. The first root of his name would come from the Ethiopian and Coptic Coptic societies.

In the Ethiopian Coptic language, the word “mama” is used to describe truth and wisdom, and the word “uat-ur” means ocean.

Another definition of the name goes back to the beginnings of the Sudanese society where the word “wata” refers to a woman. The name is often linked to a single entity, but it represents the strongest and most significant of all the spirits of the water that exist.

Divinity embodies evil and good. The stories tell that many men were captured by the deity for his own satisfaction. Women who are not humble because they are endowed with incredible beauty are often rendered sterile until they compensate the deity.

The main role of “Mami Water” is to provide spiritual and material healing to its followers, while protecting their emotional and mental health and growth. She is the protector of water bodies.

Even today, many traditional groups in Africa do not go to the beach or fishing some days to bring peace to the house of the water deity.

For many Africans in the Western world, especially in the Caribbean and South America, the deity would have traveled with them to the Atlantic Ocean to protect them and to bear some of their pain.

It would have capsized many slave ships that no longer reached their Western destinations, especially during the period of the abolition of the slave trade.

Today, many Western scholars believe that “Mami Wata” is an adaptation of the word mermaid adapted.


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