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“They Told Me I Was Too Fat To Dance,” Charity Holloway

As a child, Charity Holloway was one of the heavier kids but she loved dancing. In fact, she joined her high school’s cheer-leading group and had to sew two uniforms together to make one outfit.

However, after high school, Charity wasn’t able to dance as much as she would love to. Moreover, she got judged a lot for being plus-sized and the media also didn’t help her situation as she couldn’t find anybody like her dancing professionally.

So, she decided to start 432, a dance group for plus-size women, to prove dancers come in all shapes and sizes.

“When you’re told that you are too fat to dance or too big to dance, it really affects your mental state and it affects your confidence, it affects your self-esteem, and those things affects what you do with your life  that definitely happened to me,” she said.

For Charity, being a plus-size dancer, she believes that the body moves differently than someone who is smaller.

“I’ve had plenty of moments where I felt judged and with the size comes these implications that big people can’t move or big people don’t have energy, big people are lazy or big people cant be explosive.”

Amazingly, Charity is changing that narrative with her group, which currently consists of 18 big, beautiful, courageous, plus-size dancers.

She believes that a person’s weight and size does not have any kind of implications on their beauty and doesn’t have to determine what and how they feel about themselves.

Since starting her group, they have been invited on television and some countries to dance.

Charity hopes that her group becomes a support system for full figured women, as well as an avenue for those women to come and enjoy choreographed hip-hop dance.

Charity’s dream is to become a professional dancer, who will go on tour with artists and also dance in a music video.

Watch her video below;


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