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Thing You Need To Know About Nigerian Award-winning Author And Nollywood Actress ,Nina Iphechukwude Anyianuka

Nina Ipheckwude Anyianuka is a Nigerian honor winning creator and Nollywood performing artist.

Nina ended up prominent for her short story gathering titled, Disowned which depicts ladies, who are presented to sexual battery in the hands of those they adore, people alike and who should secure them.

The book which was propelled recently which has gotten a considerable amount of positive surveys. Here’s all that you should think about Nina Iphechukwude Anyianuka.

1.She’s the Creative Director at RMD Productions Ltd

2.Nina propelled her book on the 25th of March 2018.

3.She’s on the RMD TV arrangement, ‘Mr X’

4.Her book, repudiated was roused by Several manhandled ladies stories.

5.She got the 2018 ELOY Award For Authors for her book, ‘Repudiated’


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