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This Black American Woman Is Taking Silicon Valley By Storm

When she landed in Silicon Valley three years prior, Arlan Hamilton had one mission: to wind up an investor who will support underrepresented business people.

“It was insane to me that 90% of endeavor subsidizing was going to white men, when that isn’t the means by which advancement, knowledge, and drive is scattered in reality. “I had no foundation in fund, however I just considered it to be an issue. Possibly this is on the grounds that I was originating from such a better place, that I could remember it,” she disclosed to Fast Company.

It didn’t make a difference that she had no professional education and had no cash. For the following couple of months, she not just searched out numerous financial specialists, she additionally invested evenings at the San Fransisco airplane terminal, in motels, in vehicles and even on love seats. When she was thinking about her choices, she got her first check in September 2015 from Susan Kimberlin that would enable her to make her organization, Backstage Capital, which put resources into non-white individuals, ladies and anybody distinguishing as LGBTQI.

The demand for these funds are on the rise as Hamilton announced by June this year, Backstage Capital exhausted its first three seed funds. She also announced one of the biggest funds: a $36 million fund dedicated exclusively to black women founders. The fund is rightfully called: “It’s about damn time fund.”

Hamilton decided to focus on black women especially because they are gravely underestimated and she wants to close the gap in funding.

“I also believe that black women are going to make me rich because they are gravely underestimated, and they are creating companies and running companies of massive scale that is being overlooked and ignored,” she said to Forbes.

Her journey has not been without challenges, one of which many black women face- that of having to prove yourself way beyond other non-black people.

“He said I need to be better than everyone in order to be seen as an equal. It is very unfair,” she says of a venture capitalist who was giving her advice over Backstage Capital’s performance.

Her investment seems to be paying off: she had become the first black woman out of entertainment and sports to be featured on the cover of Fast Company magazine.

She was also listed among the top 40 under 40 by Fortune Magazine. She has also been in featured in a number of tech and investment related conferences, where she meets and interacts with underrepresented investors.


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