WASHINGTON - MARCH 17: (AFP-OUT) First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden attend a St. Patrick's Day reception in the East Room of the White House on March 17, 2011 in Washington, DC. Obama will visit Ireland in May as part of a European trip. (Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)
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Three Ways Michelle Obama As VP Choice Will Be Good For Biden

Vermont senator, Bernie Sanders, has to win 62% of delegates available in each remaining primary if there is any way he can overcome the near-unstoppable Joe Biden in the Democratic primaries.

Sanders has only commanded victory by those margins in Nevada and the Northern Mariana Islands caucuses. But the enormity of what lies ahead dwarfs the hopes of even the most optimistic Berniecrat.

After former Vice-President Biden won in Tuesday’s races in Arizona, Illinois, and Florida, his victory speech spelled the intentions of a man who believes he is done with his challenger.

Biden called out to Sanders’ supporters urging them to understand that the battle from henceforth was against Donald Trump. It remains to be seen if Sanders will bow out of the primaries at this point. Many of his supporters want him to go all the way, an advice Sanders took in 2016 and for which Hillary Clinton holds the angriest grudge.

Biden, more than any other person, realizes the need for a coalition. His bid for the White House depends ironically on those who have doubted him and the Democratic Party.

Traditionally, the choice of a running mate is seen as an attempt at achieving complementarity. The party’s candidate has to be seen to be “reaching out” to those he needs.

This is where Michelle Obama could be of help to Biden. Biden himself has suggested he could have Mrs. Obama on a ticket but that might have been him pandering.

Now that he looks almost certain to be the nominee, Biden should have good reasons to get serious about Mrs. Obama as running mate.

It’s time to reward black women

It is welcome news that in the last two years or so, increasing efforts have been made to highlight the worth of black women to liberal causes and how indispensable they are to the Democratic Party.

This positive result of identity politics is sympathetic to the pain of and depths from which black women have come. Michelle Obama is a symbol of this story.

Mrs. Obama as Biden’s running mate will make sense as a signal that the new times are here and America’s black women would not be underappreciated anymore.

Michelle Obama can rally a young generation

Young people do not like Joe Biden – they prefer Bernie Sanders. But that has not worried the former vice-president very much because America’s future has not turned out in droves for Sanders during the primaries.

The presidential election is a different ball game. When November comes, Biden cannot afford the bad luck he has with a generation who are not inspired by him or do not share his politics or simply do not think he is “cool”.

It is hard to imagine that problem for Michelle Obama. She is a passionate speaker, a “hip mum” and more ideologically connected to a progressive culture that will soon overwhelm America.

She is not “problematic”

Michelle Obama does not come with the baggage that most other politicians come with. You even cannot with confidence call her a politician.

As hateful as they got during the Obama years, conservative media struggled with pushing “harmful material” about Mrs. Obama. And it was not for a lack of trying.

Even if you disagree with her, you find Mrs. Obama smart and graceful. Her person, not her politics, is what would be almost bankable for Democratic strategists.


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