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VIDEO: Appalling Moment Nigerian Woman Beats Child and Locks Him Up in a Cage with Dogs

A video showing a Nigerian woman whipping a boy, after which she locked him in a cage with ferocious dogs, arouses indignation on Twitter and since then, several people are demanding his arrest and punishment.

In the video turned viral, the woman is whipping the boy with a belt. She refused to stop even though the boy was pleading for forgiveness.

“Do you think I’m laughing with you, huh? You think you have the power, “she asked, whipping the boy.

“Go inside …,” she said, slapping the boy several times, then kicked him as he tried to resist. She added: “Go inside there.” As soon as the boy entered the cage, the woman locked him up and moved away.

Twitter users challenge the woman for abuse. They are asking for help to identify the woman and the boy so that justice can be done.

Watch the video below …



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