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Video: Media Mogul Wendy Williams Talks About Dating Again

If you’re a fan of media mogul Wendy Williams (or have ever casually watched her talk show), you know her catchphrase: “How you doing?”

It’s a question she’s known to ask her audience, but ever since news of Williams’ highly publicized divorce broke, fans of the controversial talk show host have been asking her the same thing.

The media maven recently told her audience at The Wendy Show that she’s thoroughly enjoying the bachelorette life. “I am working on my divorce pleasantly. I am a single woman, running around New York. I go out a lot, I’m a good time girl and I like to have fun.”

Williams, who moved out of the New Jersey home she shared with her estranged husband Kevin Hunter, says “we do have our son, and he is away in college, and he’s home from college break, he sees me, he sees his dad,” and that her new residence is “the ultimate bachelorette pad high atop everything.”

Williams has also dipped her toe in the dating pool. “I don’t have a boyfriend, but I must admit I am rediscovering my love of men,” she says. “I do date and I date pretty often.

Watch Video Below:


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