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Wendy Williams Reportedly Joins Forces with Her Alleged Cheating ex to Continue Joint Business Ventures

Could be since reports have surfaced that the talk show host has hired Kevin Hunter, 47, back on her team to handle some of her business ventures. This comes after their split due to his alleged affair.

The two had been joined at the hip for more than 20 years as a married couple and together built an empire and had several business ventures together like the Hunter Foundation.

But when Williams, 55 reportedly found out her man had fathered a baby outside the marriage, she ousted him with the quickness, filed for divorce and dissolved her joint businesses.

It appears poppa has rolled his way back into Wendy’s good graces and they have released a joint press statement saying that they will not dissolve their production company, publishing house or charitable foundation.

“Wendy and Kevin’s marriage might be over but they still have love for one another and she realizes that when it comes to business they had a great partnership, there was definitely magic there,” a source close to the couple told

“Wendy has come around to the idea that it makes more sense for Kevin to stick around, it’s best for her business and career and for their family.

“Since he left the business there’s been a lot of infighting and back-biting behind the scenes, that’s the kind of stuff Kevin kept a handle on.”

“Of course Wendy was furious with Kevin over his affair, she felt he had publicly humiliated her and she wanted to come out fighting, but she’s since softened her view of him and wants an amicable divorce.”

“He has been very supportive, particularly around her struggles with alcoholism.”

Williams has put on a brave face since her very public and she’s been celebrating her new lease on life since she filed for divorce. Still, talk show host still gets emotional when talking about the way her family has been torn apart over the last year.


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