What Everyone Should Know About Rose Hanbury: The Alleged Lover of Prince William in Turmoil

Rose Hanbury is going through a moment of deep turmoil since the spread of rumor over her affair with Prince William. Not only has she been ousted by the couple’s circle of friends but her marriage seems to be drawing to a close.

While she remained discreet, but the rise of the rumor concerning her supposed relationship with Prince William had brought her to the forefront. Remember that everything started with an article published by The Sun last March in which she was described as “rival” Kate Middleton. From then on, the rumor spread in the media to the point where he even thought that William would have cheated Kate while she was pregnant.

It must be said that Rose Hanbury has been deeply affected by the spread of this rumor. This lovely mother of three adorable children had decided to isolate herself in her Hougton mansion. By recently taking part in the state dinner offered in honor of US President Donald Trump during his visit to the Royal Palace, the one who is married to David Cholmondeley seems to be part of a reconciliation perspective with the couple Kate and William.

On the other side, Rose Hanbury seems to be in a critical moment of her marriage. Not only does she no longer wear her wedding ring but also, if we stick to columnist Katie Hind of the Sunday edition of the Daily Mail : ”  These past few months have been difficult for Rose Hanbury, the Marquise de Cholmondeley [ …] now, we fear that the old model has problems of couple after being spotted without his alliance “. 


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