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Why We Love Ariyike Akinbobola, A Nigerian Television Presenter

Ariyike Akinbobola is an Entertainment Lawyer and Consultant with a profession spreading over more than 7 years demonstrated involvement in TV introducing and Public Speaking. She is a numerous honor winning Nigerian TV moderator and Public speaker. She has functioned as a partner maker and TV moderator for Spice TV a form and way of life channel for more than 7 years. Amid her time at the TV Station, she facilitated their leader program ‘On the Couch’ and moreover, she created and introduced the mold news and displayed other TV Shows including Sugar and Spice, Urban Spice, Instant Beauty Queen, and Project Swan. Ariyike is the thing that we allude to as a Jill of all specialty amusement-related and today on the blog, we have curated five reasons we trust she is bae!

1. As a Social Media/Public relations expert and brand influencer, Ariyike gives forthcoming ability, online permeability and a Platform to grandstand their work on the web.

2. As a Social business visionary and originator of the Ariyike Arise Initiative, she energetically handles issues influencing ladies particularly young moms and youngsters and backings those living in burdened networks. Through this NGO, she advocates for Peace, Love, Community improvement, Education and Social Justice.

3. As a distributed creator with a smash hit presentation novella, “The Cost of Our Lives” she underscores social issues, for example, digital tormenting, sexual maltreatment, assault, human trafficking and false way of life. Through the vehicle of a book, she instructs that delaying has never helped anybody get to their goalless demanding/quicker. She says”procrastination is the hoodlum of time, quit putting off your day of euphoria, whatever it is you need to do, begin now.”

4. As a blogger, Ariyike shares her examinations about existence featuring key life exercises for all to gather from. She additionally offers permeability to change creators at the grassroots dimension with her famous fragment ‘Ariyike Meets’

5. As a Humanitarian and Girl Child Advocate, she loans her voice and intends to a few causes including the UNICEF drove End Cutting Girls Campaign which hails off the brutality of the Female Genital Mutilation still practically speaking in some African people group.


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