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Women In Tech: 7 Reasons Why We Think Bozoma Saint John is a Game-changer

She is Bodacious, Beautiful and she takes her Black Girl Magic everywhere she goes. Bozoma Saint John is a certified boss and an unstoppable force of nature. That being said, here are 7 seven reasons why we think Bozoma Saint John is a game changer.


  • Bozoma is Uber’s first ever Chief Brand Officer. And so far she has done a wonderful job making Uber a brand we love!
  • She has more than 10 awards to her name, including the Billboard Female executive of the year. And Fortunes 40 under 40 award.
  • Before joining the Uber family, Bozoma Saint John was a marketing executive at Apple Music. And became the Head of Global Consumer Marketing for iTunes and Apple Music. And all through her time with these companies, she made sure to work her magic, putting her brands on the top of the chart always.
  • She gives us major motherhood goals! Her daughter Lael Saint John is an awesome smart young girl with various skills. And we can say it’s because her Mama is awesome! Bozoma Saint John seems to have found that balance between work and personal life and we can all take a few notes from her. (I won’t mind a three day session though. TBH)


  • Her persona very much projects strength and she reflects that on her job and the brands she works with. You hear her coming long before you see her.
  • Badassboz is a force of nature in fierce stilettos. She teaches us to embrace our authentic selves, even in the office. And also that it is okay to take things one step at a time.
  • She is strong and fearless. She has been able to push through the pain of losing her husband and she has publicly shared her journey, being a role model for women around the world.

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