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Yara Shahidi Took Craft Scissors To Her Curls On IG And Her Followers Freaked Out

Back away from the scissors Yara. The Grown-ish star took a pair of what looks like craft scissors to her curls and the Internet is freaking out. Possibly suffering from cabin fever as we enter week of the coronavirus isolation, Yara posted the clip on her social media accounts and her comments are in shambles.

Luckily, she’s Internet friends with a lot of celebrity stylists so they popped in her comments to give her some tips that we are also paying attention to.

Salon owner Annagjuid “Kee” Taylor, suggest Yara use shears from (HerStrandzOfHair) instead of the juvenile scissors we see in the clip.

Kendall Dorsey, Yara’s usual hairstylist was ready to power up his proverbial jet and get to his client asap. “Officially breaking quantin @chocolatemommyluv please remove the shears my jet is on the way.”

Jenatkinhair swooped in to deter the teen starlet from hacking at her curls, dropping a firm “Nooooo.’ And Tym Wallace Hair was simply perplexed. “Uhm,” he wrote.

Yara even jumped into her comments section to respond to reassure folks her hair is OK. “Bangs went well but please stop me from cutting my hair altogether.”

Whew. So this was just a quick bang trim. Got it.

Yara also reminded us she made the mistake of cutting her bangs too short when she was 18, so she’s learned from that incident.

While many of her followers found the snip snip anxiety-inducing, one follower called it “therapy” and Yara agreed. All is well and not bangs were hurt in this process!


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