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Zimbabwean Female Entrepreneur Uses Technology to Tackle Food Shortage

Agriculture is an integral part of any economy and countries that are fully aware of it are in a strong position in world economic affairs. Agriculture is the backbone of some of the most prosperous economies in the world today.

Zimbabwe once had the reputation of Africa’s breadbasket before it began to experience ever-weaker fortunes in its agricultural sector. The country has a long history of prosperity in agriculture, renowned for the success of its agricultural activities, as well as for its rich collection of natural resources, including precious metals such as platinum, gold, diamonds and nickel.

But things went wrong and the country quickly found itself in a difficult situation in terms of food production. In recent times, the country has been plunged deeper into a quagmire where it is unable even to produce enough food for the burgeoning population, let alone exports. A return to the drawing board is therefore imperative.

Today; more attention needs to be paid to Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector and more people are involved in the country’s food production business.

MShiri; A start-up founded by Tatenda Ndambakuwa in 2017 is actively contributing to the development of the country’s agricultural sector. The company takes the initiative to educate, inform and equip the locals to improve the agricultural sector of the country.

TechZim reports, “Shiri offers technology solutions that provide Africans with information on agriculture to improve and manage food production, thereby minimizing the risk of food shortages on the continent.”

This would help farmers to be more successful as they are better equipped for their work.

Shiri develops content and web applications to create an information and resource center for the African continent. Their application allows farmers to better manage their food production system and minimize the risk of food shortages and inefficiencies.

Shiri offers solutions such as “Connect to Share” that allows smallholders to share resources and increase their productivity. Not all farmers have the means and the opportunity to buy important agricultural equipment such as tractors and livestock – with this Shiri initiative, these groups of farmers are being cared for.

In addition, with their “Connect to Plan” feature, they help farmers plan their operations accordingly and efficiently through customized and archived tailored alerts.

In addition, considering communication as an important part of the work, Shiri allows farmers to communicate with other farmers, vendors and suppliers; which helps to spread knowledge and information among them.

Tatenda Ndambakuwa, the founder of Shiri, is not only passionate about agriculture. Mathematician and urban planner by training, she is also passionate about the fight against hunger.

Zimbabwe experienced a shortage of food in 2008, which inspired it to become passionate about agriculture and to fight extreme hunger and famine in parts of Africa. Since then, her mission has been to help reduce the threat of food shortages in society.


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